I love pictures, just like you.

As freelance I'm constantly try to improve myself and do my best to stay up to date with all the equipment and latest technological gear, but what I really care about is the satisfation of my clients.
I'm a humakind just like you and I know that sometimes you just want to have a few moments to relax and have fun with your friends instead posing all day and I exactly know when it's time to lay down the camera.

Who I am

Luca Wedding photographer in Trentino Garda Lake

Luca - freelance professional photographer

I started to play with cameras late on my 20s - as common it began like shooting for fun between basketball's teammates.
Because i was passionate with logic and math Photography rappresented for me a way to express the algoritm beghind it - so I enjoyed studying all the papers and techniques I could.
Not to far then someone offered my to took some photos for his firm, so her sister to her wedding - and here I am.
I also studied t university engeneering so it could help me out in many scenarios.
I really love the shadow and the depth and the tridimensionality it creates.